Our  History

Rare Earth Salts (RES) was founded by Dr. Joseph Brewer in 2012 to address the need for inexpensive and an sustainable Rare Earth Element (REE) separation process.


RES has developed a technology for separation and refining of all REE's to high purity from various feedstocks worldwide both ore and circular based concentrate.

Over 50 different feedstock materials evaluated and analyzed.


Proprietary patented modular disruptive technology to efficiently separate the REE in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly sustainable process.


Mission is to leverage the superior innovative technology advantage to build a world leading rare earth separation and refining company.


First commercial sale at scale completed in 2020 – 17.5 MT Lanthanum @ 99.99% purity.

Successfully separated Europium Oxide and Yttrium Oxide @ 99.99% purity in 2021.

Successfully separated NdPr oxide to 99,55% purity in Q2 2022.


RES is targeting three* of BIG 4 REE's (NdPr*, Tb*, Dy) all used for magnets, as they have the highest commercial value. 1/3 of REE        volumes represent currently >80-90% of market value.

We will also produce co-products found alongside these minerals as well as selected opportunities to recycle other rare earths.

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